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Online Shop : Privacy


We don't sell, give away, or even show your details to anyone.

We run our own web server, which uses secure connections. All data transferred between your web browser and the server is communicated using a secure, encrypted connection.

Our server is in Yorkshire in a secure hosting centre. We do not transfer or store any data outside England (except payment card details, which are securely transferred to our payment provider).

We don't use any tracking tags that report back to Google, Facebook or to anywhere else.

We use cookies only where necessary to keep items in your shopping basket.

We don't spam.

We do (in theory) have a newsletter which you are welcome to sign up to. But it will be very infrequent.  

We store your contact details and order history, but not your card number or any other payment details.

We process the data you have given us so that we can provide you with the goods and services you have asked for.

We don't have a set time period after which we will automatically delete the data we hold.

By law, you are entitled to a copy of the data we hold about you. But you gave us this info, so you already know it!

You are entitled to tell us to delete the data we hold about you, provided that we don't need to keep it as part of the record of an order within the last six years.